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It Takes Two: Hikaru x Kaoru

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It Takes Two: Hikaru x Kaoru

by <lj user="laury_kos">



October 5th, 2011

Well, it looks like it's been a while since anyone posted to this comm, but maybe a new post can breathe some life into it!

Title: Moonlight Sonata
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Hikaru/Kaoru
Warnings: Incest but nothing graphic
Word Count: 608
Summary: Under the moonbeams, he was mine.
A/N: Something I wrote a while ago and posted on ff.net, but never posted here. It's a little different than what I would usually write. I recommend listening to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (it's on YouTube) while you read this. It's what I listened to while I wrote this and I think it adds a little something.

x-posted to: hikaruxkaoru, ouran_fic, and ouranhost_slash

The moonlight streamed in through a crack in the drapes...

Enjoy! Comments and concrit is always appreciated!

June 19th, 2008

Fanfic recs, please?

can you handle it? [self]
Why hello there!

I wasn't going to do this until I'd finished my current HikaKaoHaruhi fic, as I feel bad about asking for things without offering something in return, but as it is turning out to be quite epic, I really can't wait until I've finished it, because my cravings for Twins-fic and TwinsHaruhi-fic are getting out of hand.

So! Does someone have any recs for such fics? And when I say TwinsHaruhi, I don't mean one of the twins and Haruhi, but both of them. Not necessarily at the same time or as a threesome, but definitely in the same fic.

To not come completely empty handed, please have a look at my own Ouran fic rec list, if you wish!

I'm also wondering a little if there actually is a community for the TwinsHaruhi pairing out there anywhere. I haven't been able to find one, during the two years I've been a fan of the pairing D:

December 8th, 2007

Twins icons.

Death Note, fanart, L
I've gotten into Hitachiin twins love for such a long time but I'm so new to making icons of theirs. Actually, it's my only way to spread the twincest love and show how much I love them XD.



Follow the love herelynnelegant

October 16th, 2007

(no subject)

can you handle it? [self]

 Last Stop Gauken: a new multi-fandom crack-rpg, now accepting applications~

What, you mean you couldn't get off the train? Oh, so you weren't even supposed to be on the train?!

Well, that's unfortunate...

|Last Stop OOC-community|Backstory|Rules and FAQ|Taken Characters|Reservations|Applications|Friends Add|

Loads of characters are still free! We're just getting started, guys! :D
Pssst! Both Hikaru and Kaoru are still up for grabs~

June 18th, 2007

The modly powers that be were wandering through Livejournal and happened upon our profile page--and noticed that we now have over 1000 members! (1002, to be exact.) I promised that we'd do something fun and exciting and porny in celebration ('cause p0rn makes the world go 'round), so here we go, something that will hopefully get the comm involved!

(I apologize in advance for the inappropriate/lacking icon. Damn, I need more iconspace to give the twins the love they deserve.)


[icon by funkybrewsta]

How it works:
  • Comment with any prompt for the p0rn, any kink, any theme, any first sentence. If you wish, you may comment anonymously. (IP tracking off, entry unlocked.)

  • Scroll through the requests and REPLY by writing for it. 200 words or 2000 words--doesn't matter, as long as it involves Hikaru, Kaoru, sex, and the request. (You can also reply anonymously if you wish.)

  • Enjoy the p0rn; spread the word; participate!

  • Lather, rinse, repeat!

  • Comm rules apply: be polite & be friendly. Trolling is frowned upon and those who do will have comments deleted and receive a warning.

  • You may make more than one request.

  • I'm not going to require anyone to write, but it would be nice if you wrote at least one response if you've made a request or two. The only way to keep make this porny and successful is if people participate, after all!

Bring on the whips, the toys, the skirts (wait, I did that already), the superintendent's desk (that too)*, the roleplaying--! Bring on the smut!

Please join in & pimp far and wide for some awesome Hitachiincest. ♥ You know you love it. ;)

*But they were for Kyouya/Tamaki, sorry! >:

May 30th, 2007

The mods have come to a decision that hikaruxkaoru will not be self-deleted in face of possible suspension. I've taken the precaution of purging our interests list for the time being and have removed trigger words from our profile page. I have also changed the community's security settings so that all future posts will be Friends Only by default; please do not change this or remove the lock (see Rule #3)*.

In event of journal suspension or deletion, news can be found on a public post in my personal journal: meiface. The post will go up when the comm goes down, and will contain information on the future of the comm and relocation plans.

Until then, I encourage everyone to not submit to mass paranoia. Instead, take precautions and stay informed.

* For clarification, when you are posting to the community, the default setting on the "Update Journal" page will still say Show this entry to: Everyone (Public). However, LJ will automatically change all posts to Friends Only after you post. Please don't go back and remove the lock.


Related links:
fandom_counts: Join to be counted and show LJ that fandom counts.
Love Meme: Take a break from the drama and spread some love. ♥

May 29th, 2007

Per LJ's suspension of shota, pornish_pixies, sbrb_blackcest among a host of other communities to do with incest or what could be construed as pedophilia due to their interests list, I will be removing all the interests from the community profile for the time being.

From now on, the community will also be Friends Locked. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock all previous entries (all 493 of them) so let's cross our fingers in the meantime.

Please don't panic and also don't blame LJ. They are only doing what they must in terms of legal liability. Further information on the suspensions and the causes for them can be found through links on this post.

I ask that everyone stay calm and act with precaution. Let's do our best to keep hikaruxkaoru around. :)

On a happier note, we have 959 members! Convince 41 more people to join and we'll do something celebratory!
I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but this morning wile I was making icons i noticed something about OTP (One True Pairing). One True Pairing, or however you wish to say it, is not OTP's true meaning. The real meaning of OTP is Only Twincest Please. -nodds- Yuppers OTP is not One True Pairing, It's Only Twincest Please. So remember that next time you make an OTP icon.

Here just for you guys:

The Dolls came from the vender's room at Animazement '07 memorial day weekend. And for those who were not there a group dressed up like the Host club and did a cosplay skit, and half way through the twins started making out XD it was joy. You can probably find the Skit on You Tube. Search Animazement 2007.

May 28th, 2007

Set of 4 Sizes.

( Always We Are Together )

X-posted in ouranhostclub ourankoukou

May 27th, 2007


Haha, so I was Kaoru at Fanime! ...though I achieved 6 fangirls thinking I was Haruhi. I had no wig. ;;


They don't need to know I was wigless and Kaoru. ♥

I did meet a Tamaki in the Artist's Alley! We posed. ♥ I also danced with a friend of mine to Happy Happy Joy Joy. So if you saw someone prancing about in a Host uniform with someone who wore a Vietnamese dress...that was me. XDDD; Also, later on in the con, I bought a hat with cat ears. It had a chain, so...XD; That was me if you saw a Host with that kinda hat!

My friends took pics at the con, so I don't have the photos yet. >: Shaaame. SADLY, I WAS ALSO VERY VERY HIKARU DEPRIVED. NO HITACHIINCEST. WOES. There better be one at Sacanime. I wanna shounen-ai have fun with a Hikaru. SOMEONE BE ONIISAN/HIKARU ;__;.

Also, if any of you go to Sacanime, and you see a Kaoru with a Sohma Kyo plush, that'll be me. ♥ Be my Hikaru?

Photos of moi at home in cosplayCollapse )

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